Hillary Rodham Clinton's Sovietology Exercise

Michael Friedman mfriedma at us.oracle.com
Wed Mar 31 12:44:09 EST 1993

Blatant lie below...

In article <1pasjdINN3as at spim.mti.sgi.com> mpolen at suntory.mti.sgi.com (Mike Polen) writes:
>Michael Friedman) writes:
>|> Bernie Cosell) writes:
>|> >Michael Friedman (mfriedma at us.oracle.com) wrote:
>|> >} Kate E. Loomis) writes:
>|> >} >Regarding the extensive list of names on the "top secret, Soviet-Style
>|> >} >health reform task force" : there is no analogy here. These people are 
>|> >} >not creating policy, they are _drafting a plan_ . ...
>|> >} >So what is the problem?

>|> >} The problem is that we are supposed to have an open government.  Plans
>|> >} that do not require security are not supposed to be drafted in secret
>|> >} by people whose names are not even released.

>|> >} If nothing else, people who object to the makeup of the task force
>|> >} have the right to know who is on it and to present their objections to
>|> >} the people of the United States.

>|> >By and large, NONE of the government
>|> >'plan making' machinery is particularly open.  

>|> Phrases like "particularly open" or so vague that they are
>|> meaningless.  However, can you name another government committee whose
>|> members are secret and which is not related to national defense or
>|> sensitive foreign policy issues?

>It took us about 6 years to find out that Nancy Reagan's astrologer
>was a key member of the White House Committee for Planning and Decision
>Making.  Are you suggesting that she only advised on national defense
>and sensitive foreign policy issues?

Blatant lie.

No such Committee exists.

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