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Sat May 1 11:19:46 EST 1993

        This is the Questionaire for the Utility of a Nanotechnology  
curiculum at U. of MD at College Park. Please email all responses to the  
questionaire to :
                kindom at
        Please format your responses as follows.

        1. Please type 'RESPONSE' or 'ANSWER' as the subject of the 	 
           1.1 Please use 'RESPONSE' if you are a teacher or 
           1.2 Please use 'ANSWER' otherwise.
        2. Please respond to only 1 question per line.
        3. For any question that you wish to answer, type the number of  
	   the question followed by '::' then type any response that you  
	   feel is appropriate.
        4. If you would like to see the results of the survey, please type
           'E::' followed by your E-mail address.
           4.1 The only way to receive the results of the survey is to use  
	       the 'E::' line with your Email address.
           4.2 If you respond 'yes' to question #7, and do not include an  
	       'E::' line then I cannot deliver the information.
        5. Please respond by May 3rd.
        6. If responding after May 3rd, our database will be updated.


>mail kindom at
1:: c
2:: a
3:: a
4:: no
5:: possibly
6:: I am uncertain
7:: both
8:: this sounds like a good idea, I hope this input will be of some use to  
you. It is nice to see students taking an interest in the future of thier  
E:: someone at

        There are only 9 simple questions, I estimate that it should take  
less than 3 minutes to respond.  I thank you for your time. 
                        Jeffrey W. Brown.

        The following survey is not sponsered by the university of  
maryland, It is the work of a group of students seeking to provide a full  
proposal to UMCP staff.  Any participation is fully voluntary.  No person  
reading this post is required to fill it out.  Please remember that any  
participation will be of great use to the students in completing the  

                Molecular Nanotechnology Questionaire!

#1. What level degree do you have?    < a) Associates,    b) Bachelors,
        c) Masters,             d) Doctorate,           e) None. >

#2. In Which Feild is your degree?    < a) Computer, Mathematical 
	Sciences, b) Chemistry, Biochemistry,     c) Biology, 
	Life-Sciences, d) Physical sciences, Engineering,      
	e) Other/None. >

#3. In Which Department do you work?  < a) Computer, Mathematical or 
	Physical Sciences,       b) Chemistry or Biochemistry,           
	c) Biology or Life Sciences,          d) Engineering,         
	e) Ohter/None. >

#4. Have you previously heard of Molecular Nanotechnology? < yes, no >

#5. Would you be interested in teaching any courses involved with
        Molecular Nanotechnology? < yes, no, ... >

#6. Do you think you would be qualified to teach Molecular Nanotechnology?
        < yes, no, ... >

#7. Would you be interested in receiving the results of the questionair,
        A short description on Molecular Nanotechnology, or both?
        < none, result, description, both >

#8. Do you have any comments on the survey? < ... >


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