David Kristofferson kristoff at
Tue May 4 16:56:58 EST 1993

We have received the following proposal for a new newsgroup on Cell

Discussion will now be open through 13 May on
BIOFORUM/bionet.general (*not* on BIONEWS/bionet.announce).

Please do not post one-line messages saying only "I am in favor of
such a newsgroup".  We will collect votes later.  The discussion
period is an opportunity for anyone to bring up reservations about the
proposed charter and to propose modifications prior to the vote.  The
discussion leader may submit a revised proposal in light of the
discussion, and the new charter would be included in the call for votes
which will go out on 14 May.

Please be aware that only one vote is counted per e-mail address, so
it is necessary to have your own account in order to vote.  Multiple
votes from the same address are not accepted.  If you are interested
in the following newsgroup, but do not have an e-mail address of your
own, please obtain one from your computer center before the call for
votes is issued.

Proposal to establish CELL-BIOLOGY/bionet.cellbiol

E-mail addresses: cellbiol at
                  cellbiol at

Discussion leader:

Ola Myklebost
Dept of Tumor Biology                             Tel +47-22-50 60 50
Institute for Cancer Research                     Fax +47-22-52 24 21
The Norwegian Radium Hospital
N-0310 OSLO

Note from Dr. Myklebost:

A while ago I suggested in bionet.general to start a netnews group on
cancer research. Several people responded positively, both in
bionet.general and by email (A summary of comments will be posted in
bionet.general). As discussed in bionet.general, the proposal is now
changed to a cell biology newsgroup, including subjects specific for cancer
reasearch at the cellular level.

One colleague commented that he would not want to read notices on lower
eucaryotes etc, but I think that these days the relevance of e.g. yeast or
neurospora work for people working on mammals should be well proven. When
the bionet community grows bigger we can consider division of the group
into subgroups, but right now the critical thing is to get sufficient input
to get going.

It may be that people feel the subject of this group should be delineated
more clearly as it overlaps with bionet.molbio groups, but this I leave for
the discussion. As the activity in methds-reagnts is quite high, it might
be a good thing to move some of that activity to another more specialized

Thus I propose a bionet.cellbiol group, with a charter as follows:


The bionet.cellbiol newsgroup is a forum for exchange of scientific
information and opinions in the fields of general cell biology, including
cell function and pathology (i.e. also in the context of cancer research
etc), differentiation, gene expression, cell cycle regulation, interactions
between cells in tissues, embryology etc.

The meeting is open to subjects relating to all species, and to discussions
on methods not obviously belonging in the bionet.MOLBIO.methds-reagnts
newsgroup, e.g. on cell fractionation or culture etc.


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