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Wed May 5 03:16:19 EST 1993


As a start for the discussion, I enclose a summary of the opinions I
received as email after the original suggestion of a CANCER RESEARCH


I'm a grad student working on prostate cancer; I'd be very interested in a
cancer research newsgroup.  There do seem to be relatively few cell
biologists etc. on the net; I've noticed a heavy slant toward genome
people, maybe because they are the ones who use computers most :) 


 I suppose it would be nice to include cellular signal transduction
pathways etc., like
        growth factors and their receptors
        transcription factors
      characterization of differentiation (stem cell properties of tumors)
      metastasis models (e.g. nude mice xenografted with human tumors)
       and much much more, of course..

Perhaps it would be convenient to either _contrast_ or _combine_ with some
(to be created) newsgroup on cell biology.


I would be very interested in a cancer oriented group.  I am specifically
interested in gastrointestinal cancers.


Sorry to throw cold water but....
I think that the proposed group will get little traffic.  The virology
group can serve as an example; many virologists (and people with related
interests) frequent the NET.  The virology group gets very little traffic. 
The HIV group is also desolate- the most interesting post had to be the one
from a japanese student asking how he could test a swedish woman prior to..
I believe that the reason for lack of substantive discussion is competition
in these fields.  Cancer and cell biology is also very hot.  I don't think
most researchers would engage in discussion on ongoing research.  By
contrast, the methods and materials group is very active and very usefull. 
This may be because the issues are general.  Many cancer and cell biology
issues are relevant to M and M.  Cell lines, transfection, sequencing and
PCR have all been discussed.

I would, naturally, read such a list if it existed but will be surprised if
it is active.


Just a short note of support for creation of cell-biol.  Its certainly
worth a try;  but don't forget that plant biologists (??!!??) or at least
some plant biologist are also interested in cell biology, particularily
developmental biology.  Or could I be incorrectly assuming that a
"significant"number plant biologists/molecular genetics subscribe to
bionet... I am new to Biosci (and Internet for that matter) so I could be
wrong.  Anyway, great idea.


 I don't think it would be good to have bionet.cancer, .arthritus and
.malaria all discussing a common set of techniques for cell biology.  I
would prefer bionet.cell-biol, bionet.molbio.* and
bionet.hand.waving.strategies.for.curing.diseases :)


I would be very much in favour of a newsgroup in the general cell biology /
cancer field. It might be a good idea for "cancer" not to appear in the
group's title, so as to avoid some of less scientific sort of stuff that
gets posted to and the like.


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