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goldsmig at writes:

>I'm seeking sources on the Internet for the text of the Montreal Accord
>which addresses in part the future production of ozone depleting substances.
>Thank you very much in advance for your help.

and if you look in the second item ...  you get even more:

     1.  Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer (as am...
 --> 2.  Montreal Protocol on Subtances that Deplete the Ozone Layer /
                                                     this incates more
					             things bellow ...

->  1.  Search Montreal Protocol Document <?>
    2.  Forward.
    3.  Annexes.
    4.  Assessment Panel Chairman.
    5.  Heads of Delegation Statement.
    6.  Multilateral Fund Criteria.
    7.  Non-Confidential Data.
    8.  Other Relevant Documents.
    9.  Protocol.
   10. Rules of Procedure.
   11. Status of Ratification - Montreal Protocol.
   12.  Status of Ratification - Vienna Convention.
   13.  The EC Resolution.
   14.  The Helsinki Accord.
   15.  The Vienna Convention (for the Protection of the Ozone Layer).
   16.  UNEP IE/PAC'S OZONACTION Information Clearinghouse.

And, if you want to know where this ftp site is ... type "="

Name=Search Montreal Protocol Document

Press <RETURN> to continue, <m> to mail, <s> to save, or <p> to print:

...  so "" is the way to get there directly



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