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Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Wed May 5 21:04:12 EST 1993

mhaddara at engr writes:

>	I remember seeing a while ago, an on-line catalogue of ATCC. I have
>been unable to re-locate this catalogue in any of the gophers I've visited.

Dear Wael

there is a lot of ATCC info on gopher ... you have to loot at the
right place :-)


(the mother of biology gophers!  [ is the father :-])

-->  17. Usenet News and FAQs/

 -->  5.  Search messages to Usenet Newsgroups/
  -->  2.  Search Bionet articles (IG) <?>

  use "atcc" as a search word, and get 123 hits ...

 -->  1.  danj at welch Re: Re: ATCC info ?.
      2.  WMELCHIOR@ Re: ATCC internet access.
      3.  LDN at CU.NIH Re: ATCC online.
      4.  howard.kat Re: ftp'able atcc lists.
      5.  fgarbrec at P Re: Re: ATCC info ?.
      6.  dan at cubmol Re: ATCC online?.
      7.  pnh at fcspar Re: Re: ATCC online?.
      8.  SHICKLEY at V Re: Re: ATCC online?.
      9.  ZWIEB%JASO Re: PCR of ATCC samples.
      10. p3ay at vax5.  Re: Are ATCC listings on line?.
      11.  toms at fcs26 Re: Re: ATCC online.
      12.  eddy at mbcf.  Re: Looking for FTP'able ATCC catalog..

the beginning of the first one reads: (another person who did not
know how to use Gopher :-)

  From: danj at (Dan Jacobson)
  Newsgroups: bionet.general
  Subject: Re: ATCC info ?
  Message-ID: <1993Jan15.194021.23160 at>
  Date: 15 Jan 93 19:40:21 GMT
  References: <1993Jan15.001929.251 at>
  Distribution: usa
  Organization: Johns Hopkins Univ. Welch Medical Library
  Lines: 416

  In article <1993Jan15.001929.251 at
  > jm68 at writes:
  >Help!  Does anyone have an e-mail address for the American Type 
  >Culture Collection (ATCC)?  Or, better yet, a way to access
  >their catalog via Internet or dial-up?  A hunt via Gopher was

  Ah, you just didn't search the right part of gopher :-).  You can
  search all the articles that have ever been posted to bionet by
  wais or gopher.  Remembering that this question has come up before
  a search for a search for ATCC yields the following article posted
  by Bill Melchior last July.

  Best of luck,

  Dan Jacobson

  danj at


my $0.02 ...


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