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Thu May 6 11:19:26 EST 1993

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> I would be very much in favour of a newsgroup in the general cell biology /
> cancer field. It might be a good idea for "cancer" not to appear in the
> group's title, so as to avoid some of less scientific sort of stuff that
> gets posted to and the like.

I think this raises a good point.  Articles about cancer research in the
popular press generate floods of responses from desperate people seeking
cures. I would expect a similar outpouring of messages from the general
public to a bionet group with the word "cancer" in its title, whereas the
intent of this group is clearly to facilitate communication among
scientists who are doing basic cell biology relevant to cancer research. 
Is there a compromise word that would convey the focus of the group without
inviting postings that belong elsewhere?

Elizabeth Harris
chlamy at

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