need advice on Unix systems

Tue May 11 12:05:00 EST 1993

Hi,   I work in a scientific research lab and we are looking into the
purchase of a workstation which will be used as a file server, possibly a
sub-node and for heavy duty calculation and graphics.  More specifically,
we are looking for a Unix system that will allow us access to genome 
database and tp perform complex analysis of nucleic acid and 3-D protein
structures (PC and Mac have limilted power, especially in graphics).
We have a number questions about which system might best suit our needs.
  1. minimal terminal requirements - Do we need special facilities (e.g.
     special cards) to connect out current PCs and Macs to the system?
  2. can we use Macs and IBM PCs on the same network?
  3. will hook up cause problems with our existing softwares on our
     PCs and Macs?
  4. best packages for 3-D protein structure analysis.
  5. what system is the best in terms of cost, training availability,
     and technical support?
  If anyone with a workstation has any advice, please reply to my
e-mail address, we would be appreciate it.

Weiting Ni
The Noble Foundation 

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