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Tue May 11 10:33:21 EST 1993

In article <1993May5.193223.1 at engr> mhaddara at engr writes:
>	Hello everyone,
>	I remember seeing a while ago, an on-line catalogue of ATCC. I have
>been unable to re-locate this catalogue in any of the gophers I've visited.
>	I am trying to find a cell-line which is derived from 293s, but also
>contains lacI. The only one I've seen so far is A4/4 , but any other
>suggestions are most welcome ...
>	Thanx in advance,
>Dept of Biology
>McMaster University

The ATCC catalogues will be available at the Welch/Johns Hopkins gopher
site fairly soon.  I will check out the gopher site and see if they are
available currently, but the news from my office indicates that they are
not available just yet.  I will try to pass along any info as I hear it.

Barbara Lewis
Hybridoma Data Bank

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