GDB on WAIS now available

Ken Fasman ken at
Tue May 11 08:43:28 EST 1993

GDB WAIS Now Available

     The GDB Human Genome Data Base is pleased to announce the
initiation of GDB WAIS service.  A Wide Area Information Server
containing the complete contents of the Genome Data Base was
introduced on 9 May 1993 at Johns Hopkins University.  This
service is now being provided to the general public along with
the previously introduced OMIM WAIS server, which contains the
complete contents of Victor McKusick s "Mendelian Inheritance in
Man" catalogue.

     Previously, GDB data was primarily made available to the
public through a series of Sybase relational database servers at
various sites around the world.  Direct access to the data was
limited to those using the GDB front-end application software or
standard Sybase software such as Data Workbench.  A new flat file
version of the database has been created to provide access to GDB
data via WAIS and Gopher client software.  The flat file database
is updated weekly from the primary copy of the relational
database in Baltimore.

     This initial implementation is primarily being made
available for public comment. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CURRENT FILE
WITHOUT NOTICE.   There are a number of modifications to this
file format in progress.  The most significant change will be the
addition of GDB accession numbers in late June or early July, as
soon as their implementation in the GDB relational database is
completed.  Until then, you will note the blank  GDB ID  fields
in the current flat file entries.

     WAIS source files for the main GDB database and specialized
component databases should be available shortly in the WAIS
"directory of servers."  The complete contents of the gdb.src
file is listed at the end of this message.  WAIS and Gopher
client software is available at many archive sites on the
Internet, and will also soon be available on the GDB FTP server,  For further information on accessing GDB
and OMIM via WAIS or Gopher, or in their more traditional online
forms, please contact GDB User Support at help at, or
(410) 955-7058.

gdb.src listing:

   :version  3 
   :ip-address ""
   :ip-name ""
   :tcp-port 210
   :database-name "gdb"
   :cost 0.00 
   :cost-unit :free 
   :subjects "science genetics medicine chromosomes biology
               genome "
   :maintainer "help at"
   :description "Server created with WAIS release 8 b6 on May  5
10:38:20 1993 by wais at

Welcome to the help file for using WAIS to search the Genome Data
Base (GDB).

GDB is also accessible online.  If you would like to access GDB
via modem or Internet, or if you have any questions about GDB, 
please send mail to: help at or call (410) 955-7058.

GDB is listed in the directory of WAIS servers as:gdb.src 

Open this source to query the database, or you may type gdb in
the Query box and the directory of servers will retrieve the
source for you. 

GDB is updated Monday from 1:00-3:00 am ET.  If you attempt to
search the database during an update, you may receive a message
stating that GDB WAIS is unavailable.  Please retry your search 

The GDB server gdb.src comprises all of the data within GDB.  
The following servers contain information on specific GDB areas:
  gdb-citation.src (contains GDB Citation Manager information)
  gdb-contact.src (contains GDB Contact Manager information)
  gdb-locus.src (contains GDB Locus Manager information)
  gdb-map.src (contains GDB Map Manager information)
  gdb-polym.src (contains GDB Polymorphism Manager information)
  gdb-probe.src (contains GDB Probe Manager information)
  gdb-mutation.src (contains GDB Mutation Manager information)


Ken Fasman
Director of Informatics
Genome Data Base
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
2024 E. Monument St.
Baltimore MD  21205

ken at

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