Jumping genes? THANKS!

PXF3 at psuvm.psu.edu PXF3 at psuvm.psu.edu
Wed May 12 07:00:59 EST 1993

Hello biologists!

Many thanks to the twenty-four (!) kind people who came to Jessica's
assistance.  As John from Yale said, "She may never logoff one she discovers
how wonderful we all are!!"

I may have to buy another computer!

Jessica thinks it is "really cool" that so many people responded.  She also
thinks Barbara McClintock sounds like a "neat person" and plans to read her
biography.  She was very eager to show her teacher the responses, especially
since they came from such "neat" places: Germany, the UK, New Zealand, Yale,
the CDC...

It's been fun to see her get so excited about this.  My thanks to you all!

Paula (a mom on a deadline)
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