Jumping genes??

PXF3 at psuvm.psu.edu PXF3 at psuvm.psu.edu
Tue May 11 19:44:46 EST 1993

Hello, Please forgive my posting a very basic question in what is probably
an inappropriate newsgroup.  My daughter is working on a special project for
her ninth grade honors biology course and has a trick question that has
stumped her. I'm trying to introduce her to the wonders of Internet, and I
thought if she could get her answer here, she'd learn a valuable lesson
about the system.

Here's the question: What about jumping genes?  Here's the context:  She
wrote a term paper about "Women in Biology." She has been able to find out,
using standard reference books, the definition of a jumping gene.  But she's
stumped on what the connection is to her topic.  If someone could give her a
name that's relevant, she'll track down the rest (she hopes!).  And her mom
will learn something, too.

Many thanks!!  Oh, the followup questions are due tomorrow.  Gad, I _hate_
overnight assignments on a night when the library closes at 5:00.  But,
then, I guess that's why Internet was invented.  Thanks again.  Paula
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