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Tue May 11 09:18:04 EST 1993

In bionet.announce Rob Harper announced:
>About a week ago I suggested to Dave that we could collect information on
>biologists using goform from within gopher, and that Dan "the man" Jacobson
>might be interested in setting up the data collection on his gopher for the
>USA while I would do the same on my gopher for Europe.
>*>The Biosci-Bionet Users Address Database (BUAD ?) form is ready
>*>to go on gopher.  To add yourself to the database just point your
>*>gopher client at and select the following:
>I have been away in Estonia for the past week, meanwhile Dan, as is his want
>has already got his goform up and running... called BAUD (I like it)
>Well I am a bit late off the starting blocks but I have just set up 
>Bionauts Address Database (BAD) running on the gopher at CSC. Europeans
>can point their gopher client at and add their information 
>to the database. All entries will be mailed directly to Dave for
>incorporation in a wais source.
>P.S. If you don't have a gopher client but have telnet then you could also
>give the command
>telnet 2002
>and fill in the form that way as well.

	It might be worthwhile generalizing this information.

	If you have access to telnet but not gopher on your system, you can
access gopher via telnet:  telnet
Log in with the username:  gopher

	If you encounter an interesting/useful telnet item, press the equals
(=) key to get the link information.  For Dan's "Welchgate" Gopher, the telnet
link info for submitting the BIOSCI data submission form is: 

Name=Add (or Correct) Your Address to the BIOSCI User Address Database

With this information, you can do, yourself on your system, what gopher would
do for you.  Gopher Type 8 means initiate a telnet session.  If the Port were
0, 23 or blank, the service uses telnet's default ports so you won't need to
specify the port on the command line (but you do in this case).  If a Path
were specified, that would be the login username (so you won't need one in
this case).

	So, for people in the America's and Pacific Rim countries, you
"obviously" can fill out the BUAD/BAD form via the command:

telnet 10006



or some variant of these commands, appropriate for specifying the port with
the telnet software on your system.

			Good luck!

 Foteos Macrides           Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology
 MACRIDES at SCI.WFEB.EDU     222 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

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