Jumping genes??

PXF3 at psuvm.psu.edu PXF3 at psuvm.psu.edu
Wed May 12 14:21:35 EST 1993

My, my.  You people just keep getting nicer and nicer.  All these
compliments about my kid!

Peter (& others who wondered about the standard references),

The Altoona public library had a book about women scientists published in
the 1960s!  Using a scientific time line book, she could track down
"Plasmids," but the reseachers mentioned were men (Hedges & Jacob).  Once
she had the name, Barbara McClintock, she had no trouble finding the Nobel
Prize info in an ordinary almanac.

It's been fun.  I'll let you know what the teacher's reaction is.


PS. I made my deadline, too. I rewrote a speech that had been (badly, terribly)
 translated from Turkish. What a day!

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