Need some help...

Thu May 13 05:25:00 EST 1993

With respect to overlapped genes, boy! you can be sure they exist!

	In mitochondria of almost any animal (whose sequence is known)
there are overlapping genes. Not a lot to say, but usually a couple or
two, and they usually overlap by several nucleotides. In this case, the
overlapping genes are usually coded on different strands.

	In the genome there are also overlapping genes. You can call them
so (in my opinion) when referring to the coding regions that specify
different polipeptides by differential splicing (e.g. paramyosin and
miniparamyosin). In this case, you have two genes that share a common
region (which in some instances may span even the full length of one
of them.

	As for overlapping genes in the same sense as those of mitochondria
I can't remember now any example (but that isn't too surprising since
I've got a cool *COLD*. :-(

	Hope this helps.

			J. R. Valverde

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