Jumping genes??

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Wed May 12 22:13:59 EST 1993

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>Hello, Please forgive my posting a very basic question in what is probably
>an inappropriate newsgroup.  My daughter is working on a special project for
>her ninth grade honors biology course and has a trick question that has
>stumped her. I'm trying to introduce her to the wonders of Internet, and I
>thought if she could get her answer here, she'd learn a valuable lesson
>about the system.

(question about how women-in-science relates to "jumping genes" deleted)

Okay, here's an answer to truely satisfy your goal.  If you have access to
gopher, go to Don Gilbert's IUBio hole (ftp.bio.indiana.edu) and search
the network news archive under the "Network News" top-level menu item.
If you don't have gopher, Dave K. recently posted instructions on
how to search Intelligenetics' bionet archives via E-mail.  Use the

	jump and genetics

(which was the hard part, it took me forever to find the right keywords
other than the answer itself).  It shouldn't take you long to find the
right answer.  


P.S.  I suspect someone will post or E-mail you the answer
      (the spoil-sports :-), but I suggest that even people who know
      the answer try this as there were some very nice biographical sketches
      on the answer posted a while back.  To find them all, repeat the
      search using the answer as a query.

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