Request for info: wetlands

Alan Cooper coopera at
Fri May 14 13:50:54 EST 1993

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DATE:          14 May 1993

TO:            Whom it may concern

FROM:          A. S. Cooper, coopera at, (503)737-6272

SUBJECT:       Wetlands info wanted

(I'm posting this request for my son.  Please direct responses to
my EMAIL address.)

As a sophmore at Corvallis Highschool, in Oregon, USA I am doing
a project on preservation of wetlands in developing countries.
I'd be greatful if anyone can provide or point me in the right
direction for information on:

     * Preservation laws

     * Wetland wildlife

     * Effects of development

     * International impacts of local preservation efforts
       (migratory animals, CO2 sinks, biodiversity, etc.)

     * Any related information

I am particularly interested in the Asia region but any
information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Alban Cooper

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