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>Date: Fri, 14 May 1993 22:59:49 GMT

>No way Jose! 

I completely agree!

>I see no need to split a piece of methods off on this tangent. 

What next?  .ligation, .dna-sequencing, .rna-sequencing, .restriction-
digests?  The amount of PCR-related traffic is small.

>The amount of PCR related stuff is far from vast, and much of it
> relates to other methods that people are interested in. This would 
>lead to just yet another group that would have to be read or subscribed
> to for no real gain. Keep methods in a bunch thanks! 

>I mean, the implication is that there are people who read methods 
>regularly that are not interested in PCR stuff..I think not.

Besides, pcr is relevant to other techniques - probe generation, sequencing, 
etc, and people who use non-pcr methods to label or generate probes, or 
sequence will miss out unless they specifically read the .pcr group. 

hey... it's not as if methds-reagnts has even a medium volume of 

>Mike Poidinger
>Dept of Microbiology
>University of Reading

>No need for a Kit push on forum, but I will anyway!

cheers, John

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