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Mon May 17 13:51:47 EST 1993

In a previous article, kristoff at NET.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) wrote:
>> I agree with Ashok completely.  The beauty of the methods group is the
>> diversity of techniques that can be discussed with everyone.  I think
>> it will be counterproductive to split this into other technique
>> based groups.  Please do not spoil the newsgroup that is helping the 
>> most.  
>> Raj Shankarappa
>> bsh at
>It has been mentioned on occasion in the past that the number of
>messages on METHODS was becoming excessive.  Is this *not* a problem?
>				Dave Kristofferson

I agree completely with Ashok and Raj.  IMHO we do *NOT* need an additional 
newsgroup for reasons that these two have alread mentioned.  What MAY 
become excessive would be the number of bionet.methds--- groups that would 
turn over 2-3 messages per day!  Again, IMHO, the number of messages per 
day on B.M.M-R groups in not excessive.  I'll show all my cards with this 
so here goes --- if you want to see *excessive* message turn-over, try and rec.arts.startrek.current -- each of these roll-over a 
*minimum* of 250-300 messages per day.  I could keep listing reasons why 
the methods group should not be split but I'll end it here.

I vote *no* in dividing the methds group.

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