Separate PCR discussion forum proposal.

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Mon May 17 11:59:26 EST 1993

In article <119603 at> pfoster at (Patricia Foster) writes:

>BLC (GBGA13 at VMS3.GLASGOW.AC.UK) wrote:
>: ....  So everyone would end up subscribing to 2 boards
>: instead of one. 

>And the amount of cross-posting would increase.
>It's not broken; don't fix it.

I also think the split would force readers of bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts to
also subscribe to the proposed new newsgroup .pcr since those of us who do the
hands-on work in the lab keep our methods options open for any new twist or
technique that would improve our results or save time.

That is not what I'm concerned with. I think that the creation of a separate
group will promote more cross-posting and make it more difficult for me to
weed through the mass of articles twice, or even thrice if it is also
cross-posted to bionet.general (one of my pet peeves, but that's another
topic). There really is not that much traffic in the current group.

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