proposed Chlamydomonas newsgroup

Paul Roessler paulr at
Mon May 17 10:52:31 EST 1993

The genus Chlamydomonas has, without a doubt, been studied more
extensively than any other alga, especially from a
genetic/biochemical standpoint.  This focus has allowed great
strides to be made in algal biology.  It is therefore entirely
appropriate and desirable for a newsgroup to be established for
the Chlamydomonas research community.  A newsgroup can be
especially efficient when a public domain database is available
that can be easily referenced and accessed.  This is already
being established by Lib Harris et al. at Duke.

Despite the fact that I haven't worked with Chlamy for nearly 10
years, the premier position of this alga requires that I follow
the Chlamy literature quite closely.  A newsgroup would
facilitate this greatly and provide an easy mechanism for asking
algal-related questions to the community at large.

The charter states that any algal species can be discussed in the
newsgroup, and from my point of view, this is an important point. 
Our knowledge of the molecular and cellular biology of non-green
algae lags behind that of green algae, but could stand to make
considerable gains if these topics could be discussed over the
net.  This is not to say that I feel that the newsgroup should
include any and all aspects of algal biology - it is too broad of
a field.  However, a focus on Chlamy and the
biochemical/molecular aspects of other algal groups would seem

Hats off to Lib Harris for taking the initiative on this!

Paul Roessler
National Renewable Energy Lab, Golden, CO  80401
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