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Station: Internet Multicasting Service
Channel: Internet Town Hall
Program: National Public Radio meets the Internet
Release: May 21, 1993, 2-3PM EDT 
Content: Talk of the Nation/Science Friday

On May 21, we will be joining the Internet to National Public
Radio for a special edition of Talk of the Nation/Science Friday.
Host Ira Flatow will field questions from users sitting in front
of computers as well as users sitting next to telephones.  Questions
from the Internet will come from videoconferencing tools on the 
Multicast Backbone (MBONE) using a gateway provided by Ron Fredrick
and Steve Deering of Xerox PARC.  

(If you don't have MBONE connectivity now, you probably won't have it 
by Friday.  To learn more about the multicast backbone, ftp to
and get the file /mbone/faq.txt.  If you do have MBONE connectivity,
check SD for a listing for Internet Town Hall.)

In addition to the audio link, we will have two other ways to
participate.  First, starting now, you can send mail to ira at
with your comments and questions.  Some of this mail may be read as
part of the show.  We encourage you to narrow your your comments to the
subject of the Internet, how it is used, and the future of networking
in the western world. 

Second, with the help of Rick Gates, we will be conducting an Internet 
Treasure Hunt and reading the results over the air.  The purpose of the 
hunt is to illustrate the diversity of methods and data available on 
the network.  The questions will be posted on the network 24 hours
before the show and will be read by Ira Flatow at the beginning of
the show.  

Even if you don't participate with a computer for this show, we hope 
you will listen to your local National Public Radio affiliate.  Guests
will include Carl Malamud, Brewster Kahle, and Tim O'Reilly.  For
those of you that have computers but no NPR affiliate, we will tape
the show and send it out as an audio file approximately 48 hours after
it airs. 

Participants in the Internet Town Hall include Cornell University,
the National Press Club, the National Science Foundation, O'Reilly &
Associates, Sun Microsystems, WAIS, Inc., Xerox PARC, and many others.

Network connectivity for the Internet Town Hall is provided by UUNET 

For information on Internet Talk Radio, write to info at
More information on Internet Town Hall will be available shortly.
For a current, partial listing of sites, write to sites at

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