Danger!!! Mad-cap, crazy idea ahead!

Simon Blomberg simonb at extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU
Tue May 18 21:14:37 EST 1993

rpgrant at molbiol.ox.ac.uk writes:

>	* "As good biologists, it is our 
>   avowed attempt to achieve world domination" * :)

>What follows is a crazy idea but also an attempt to start a 
>practical discussion.....

>	I have been exploring a little on JaysHouseMOO, and while it is a fun 
>place to be, I have a feeling all is not (going to be) well.
>	Basically, this MOO is not primarily a BioMOO.  It is Jay's house and 
>we are guests there.  As far as it goes, this is fine.
>With time, the MOO itself and the Bioscience ECC within it will expand,
>and space will run out... and the potential of the ECC will be squeezed.
>I have no idea how much space there is, but simple explorers such as 
>myself are not allowed to create anything let alone build ... 
>unless we approach a wizard, with a "good idea", first.  
>I am ** not ** complaining, but considering the numbers 
>of biologists there are, and the rapid increase in Net-awareness, a dedicated 
>BioMOO might not be a bad idea.  It would be run along the same lines as any 
>other MOO, but with more space and opportunity for Bio-science conferences, 
>displays (Free poster communications...?) etc.  If handled properly it could 
>turn into a Very Good Thing.
>	Disclaimer:  I have no idea about how to go about this!
>	Some obvious problems are;
>		funding, space, funding, programmers with time, funding, a 
>suitable site, and funding.
>	Anyway, I've thrown the idea out, and maybe if people with resources 
>can get together, something will happen.  BTW, I'm only a lowly graduate 
>student, so don't expect too much from me, but I am willing to learn and help 
>in anyway I can (consistent with getting a thesis done in the next 15 
>months...:-/).  Any flames will be ignored. 

As a regular on JHMOO (but not a programmer), I would welcome much more 
participation from biologists.I think the bioECC was a great idea, and more
use could be made of it, even in its current state. IS JHMOO running out of
space? I don't think so, although you'd have to ask the wizards about upper
size-limits. JHMOO is small by most MOO standards. Log on to LambdaMOO if you
want to see how BIG things can get! Would a MOO of our own be better than
sticking with JHMOO? JHMOO has some advantages. It is a "research MOO" where
the programmers are interested in developing new applications for MOO in a 
research environment. As such, there is a lot of expertise in coding which we
could potentially utilise, and lots of sources of advice for us. If we have
our own MOO, we will be on our own completely. The programmers get something
out of us, of course: new ideas and opinions on which way the MOO should go.

I don't see the restriction on building and programming as a problem. If you
want to learn to program, get a character on LambdaMOO and start learning! I
think that this is more important than getting our own MOO just yet. A few
extra interested biologists who are willing to take the time to learn to program
would be much more beneficial. I wish I could afford the time to learn, but
I've got a thesis to write too! See you around the bioECC sometime,

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