Danger!!! Mad-cap, crazy idea ahead!

David Steffen steffen at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu
Wed May 19 10:39:13 EST 1993

rpgrant at molbiol.ox.ac.uk writes:
>	I have been exploring a little on JaysHouseMOO, and while it is a fun 
>place to be, I have a feeling all is not (going to be) well.
>	Basically, this MOO is not primarily a BioMOO.  It is Jay's house and 
>we are guests there.  As far as it goes, this is fine.
>With time, the MOO itself and the Bioscience ECC within it will expand,
>and space will run out... and the potential of the ECC will be squeezed.
>I have no idea how much space there is, but simple explorers such as 
>myself are not allowed to create anything let alone build ... 
>unless we approach a wizard, with a "good idea", first.  
>I am ** not ** complaining, but considering the numbers 
>of biologists there are, and the rapid increase in Net-awareness, a dedicated 
>BioMOO might not be a bad idea.  It would be run along the same lines as any 
>other MOO, but with more space and opportunity for Bio-science conferences, 
>displays (Free poster communications...?) etc.  If handled properly it could 
>turn into a Very Good Thing.

At one point, I spent a great deal of time on JaysHouse and I have
gotten to know the wizards.  I couple of us have intentions of
developing a BioMOO there.  What has delayed things on my end is a
lack of time at the moment, but the plans still exist and progress has
slowed but not halted.  (To be clear, I am *not* the only person
working on this by any means!)  In no way, shape, or form have
biologists become unwelcome at JaysHouse, nor is that likely to occur
in the near future.  That is the state of the bioMOO on JaysHouse.

Why do this on JaysHouse instead of building a dedicated bioMOO?
No reason - if someone wants to put up a bioMOO, I applaud their
effort!  However, I have not chosen to take that approach, and thought
I might share the reasons why.
(1) MOO programming is harder than it looks.  If you decide to set up
a bioMOO, count on devoting a great deal of time to it.  For this
reaon, I have been trying to work this as a collaboration between us
biologists who know what we want, and the computer scientists who know
how to MOO.  That is reason #1 why I am staying at JaysHouse.
(2) MOOs get out of control very easily.  By "get out of control", I
mean two things; the MOO can get so confusing, that it becomes
unusable, and it can get so bloated, it slows to a crawl.  Certainly
the latter of these phenomena can be seen on LambdaMOO.  This is the
reason that the wizards at JaysHouse are cautious about passing out
programming privileges and why I strongly support their caution (as if
I had anything to say about it.)

Best of luck!

David Steffen
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