Danger!!! Mad-cap, crazy idea ahead!

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In article <AJB.93May18202352 at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk>, ajb at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk (Alan Bleasby) writes:
> I don't think this is  a crazy idea at all.... its a  very good one (I
> have to say that as I've been thinking about it for many months :-)

Well, thank you for that vote of sanity :)
> (Much good stuff deleted)

> The major drawback with Jay's system is that it is not particularly
> suited to molbiologists. There is a gopher hole and some other
> interesting utilities but there is no `multiple sequence alignment'
> or `amphipathic helix' room.

And I think this is the main point I was trying to make.  Considering the VAST 
field of molbiol/cellbiol/"traditional" biochemistry (let's not be too 
partisan, here) any bioMOO would (hopefully) be huge.  I don't think we could 
expect Jay to cater for us in such a way.  I haven't actually asked him, but...

> system at home!) but its the `management' aspects which  worry me.  If
> such tutorials exist,  and as its  a multi-player environment, then it
> is  necessary  for  the trainee  to know who is DEFINITELY telling the
> truth i.e. trustworthy people would have to be marked in some fashion.

"Wizards"... let's call them "Gurus"?

> It  would   be  up  to  such  trustworthy  individuals  to  impart  as
> much/little information as they deem appropriate from conversation.
> Herein lies the rub:
>   i) Its not easy, even if you're a `wizard' to program rooms adequately
>  ii) therefore any working molbiologist needs to work in conjuction with
>      a dedicated MOO programmer
> iii) Getting funding for such a project might be difficult :-)
>  iv) I'd envisage at least a 3-year project to get some mol-biol
>      tutorials off the ground.

We're definitely looking at a long term investment of time and money....
But why should that put us off? 
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