NY Science Times and the Internet 5/18/93

Michael Holloway mhollowa at ic.sunysb.edu
Thu May 20 09:33:05 EST 1993

In article <0096CB18.8E08E680.31238 at UDCVAX.BITNET> hkaplan at UDCVAX.BITNET (Howard Kaplan) writes:
>The NY Times article was a good article, especially in the context of future
>developments.  However, in yesterday's (May 17) Washington Post, there was one p
>age piece on the Internet, written Post staffer who didn't really seem to
>understand what it was about and who described it in such a way as to make it
>appear as an essentially commercial venture for use by mainly large corporations
>  Now it couldn't possibly be that the article represented an opening move
>towards commercialization of Internet, could it?
>                                Howard Kaplan

My guess would be that the reporter was coming from the perspective of the 
announced future plans of AT&T, etal., for the "information superhighway".
Someone must have told the reporter or the editor that something like that
already exists and they traipsed off to do a story about it.  Is there the
possibility that this drum beating for a new commericial network will remove 
current funding from pieces of Internet and leave academic centers out in the

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