Danger!!! Mad-cap, crazy idea ahead!

Edward Vielmetti emv at garnet.msen.com
Thu May 20 01:36:21 EST 1993

Alan Bleasby (ajb at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk) wrote:

: Consider a simple problem (>8-|). A MOO is devised for a tutorial which
: stated
:    "Given this nucleic acid sequence, what might be the structure/function
:     of the protein it might encode?"

: Admittedly outrageous.
: Taking a dungeons-and-dragons approach....
:  a) you find a sequence on the floor
:  b) you pick up the sequence
:  c) you find several rooms, most of which are locked or spell instant
:     death on opening (each of which tells you the reason for your
:     untimely demise)

note that this training method (providing multiple choice answers,
where the "wrong" answer yields an explanation of what is wrong) has
been used before with good success in a biology instruction system,
cf. Kleinschmidt (sp?) at the U of Michigan who has redone some
intro bio course study guides with it with good success.

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