Shortage of biologists?! Need YSN contact for protest.

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Thu May 20 14:23:52 EST 1993

> This week's Science has a news article about the dippy (can I say that here?)

Yes, you can!

> Labor Department belief that there are too few molecular biologists and, there
> for, they must recruit foreign workers in the field to fill all those vacant
> positions.  As a graduate student in the process of writing my thesis I would
> like to write to these people asking them if they wouldn't prefer to come 
> here personally and cut my throat.  I'm already looking at a desperate 
> situation and someone out there seems to want to make it worse.  
> The article mentioned that the Young Scientist's Network was organizing a
> protest and that the comment period had been extended to May 30th.  Can
> someone give me an E-mail address for YSN?  Does someone know how one goes
> about commenting on a Federal Register announcement?
> Mike
> mhollowa at

I noticed sometime back that in many smaller schools the professors
were faced with a shortage of students which translates into not
enough hands to do research in their labs.  One way around this is to
import postdocs with the enticement of getting them green cards to
work in the U.S.  I would not be surprised if there is a connection
between this and the above mentioned Labor Dept. actions.  Note,
however, that while this solves the student shortage, it exacerbates
the problem of finding permanent jobs for people.


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