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Here's an announcement that may be of interest to those who've been
following this discussion.

Description: Ethernet over Cable TV

                       OF THE DIGITAL CHANNEL

   Digital Channel To Utilize Cable TV Systems as an Information
    Highway; Joint Agreement with LANcity Corporation to Develop
                 and Market Cable Hardware Products

MARLBORO, Mass. -- May 17, 1993 -- Digital Equipment Corp. today
announced the Digital ChannelTM, a combination of new products and
services that enable cable TV operators to provide their subscribers
with Ethernet-based network services for implementing distance
learning, telemedicine, and other computer applications over the
existing Cable TV infrastructure.
     "Until now, the cable TV industry has been focused on
entertainment for consumers, rather than providing an interactive
information highway to businesses and institutions," said Lynn
Jones, Digital's business manager in charge of the Digital Channel.
"Our new program provides cable operators with a practical way to
broaden their product offerings, by adding services that reach out
to businesses and institutions," she said.
The Digital Channel offers installation, service, and support of
interactive multimedia Ethernet networks for the cable TV industry.
Applications that will run over The Digital Channel include
geographic information systems (GIS) applications, concurrent
engineering applications, multimedia kiosks, as well
as distance learning, telemedicine, performance support systems,
and video conferencing for businesses, schools, hospitals, and state
and local governments.  Specific pricing and availability of the
Digital Channel products and services will be made at a later date
prior to shipment.

Joint Agreement with LANcity Corporation
     Also today, Digital announced a joint development and marketing
agreement with LANcity Corporation, saying that the two companies
have partnered in the development of ChannelWorks*, a specialized
Ethernet bridge, capable of providing community-wide networking.
Under the multi-year agreement, LANcity will work with Digital to
develop the necessary data converters to support The Digital
     "We are excited that as part of the Digital Channel offering,
we will bring to the cable industry LANcity's expertise in data
communications, broadband networking, and RF technology.  This,
combined with Digital's strengths in Ethernet technology, systems
integration, consulting, service, and support of large networks will
be a first in the Cable TV market," said Lynn Jones.
     The ChannelWorks hardware will consist of a box similar in size
to a common cable TV converter, which allows a computer system to
make a standard Ethernet connection over existing cable TV wiring.
This technology allows for up to 83 cable frequency channels at
standard 6MHz bandwiths to support standard 10Mbps Ethernet at a
distance of up to 70 miles.
     "The benefits of building the information highway of the future
utilizing the existing standard cable TV infrastructure cannot be
overstated," said Rouzbeh Yassini, president and CEO of LANcity.
"Connecting Ethernet data networks across metropolitan areas using
an already installed cable plant will allow businesses and
institutions to gain access to interactive distributed processing.
In addition, it will enable the Cable TV industry to be a prime
provider of the much discussed information highway almost
     The ChannelWorks product is the first in a family of
technologies and will ship at the end of Q3, 1993.
     The Cable TV Group is part of Digital's Media Business Unit,
based in Marlboro, Massachusetts.  Last month, the Group introduced
its Digital Ad Insertion System, a product that enables cable
television operators to use compressed digital video networking to
perform advertising insertions. It allows operators to carry new
types of advertising that are dependent on quick turnaround
     The Media Business Unit is responsible for the development of
products and services designed to address the convergence of
computing, communications, and media, and to enable high speed
access and sharing of digitized video, text, graphics, and audio
across a geographical area.  Target markets for these products
include cable TV operators, educational institutions, city and local
government, health care providers, and businesses.

     Headquartered in Andover, Mass., LANcity provides connectivity
among Ethernet subnets via standard cable TV channels at standard
Ethernet transmission rates (10 Mbps) at distances of up to 70
miles.   Founded in 1990 as a manufacturer of terminal servers,
bridges, routers and gateways, LANcity has since focused exclusively
on Metropolitan Area Networking utilizing Cable TV as an information
     Digital Equipment Corporation, headquartered in Maynard,
Massachusetts, is the leading worldwide supplier of networked
computer systems, software and services.  Digital pioneered and
leads the industry in interactive, distributed and multivendor
computing.  Digital and its business partners deliver the power to
use the best integrated solutions - from desktop to data center -
in open information environments.

Note to Editors:  Digital Channel and ChannelWorks are a trademarks
                  of Digital Equipment Corporation.

                  LANcity is a registered trademark.


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