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 > The article mentioned that the Young Scientist's Network was organizing a
 > protest and that the comment period had been extended to May 30th.  Can
 > someone give me an E-mail address for YSN?  Does someone know how one goes
 > about commenting on a Federal Register announcement?
 > Mike
 > mhollowa at


I'm John Sahr, the list manager for the Young Scientists' Network.

Gene Nelson <au195 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu> has prepared a draft of a
letter to the Dept. of Labor for YSN, and certainly you are welcome to
append your signatures to it.  The text of the letter appears below.
Following the letter I will provide you with instructions for adding
your signature to the letter electronically.


Gene A. Nelson, Ph.D., Editor
The Young Scientists's Network
7374 Brookside Parkway
Cleveland  OH  44130 - 5468
(216) 891 - 8809  Voice and FAX
Internet Electronic Mail: au195 at po.CWRU.Edu
May 17, 1993
Dear Reader:
I have learned about a plan by the U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) to 
essentially eliminate the alien labor certification for a number 
of scientific and engineering (S&E) categories requiring a 
masters or Ph.D. Historically, immigration has been an important 
component of the American technology enterprise. The labor 
certification process has provided some safeguards to protect the 
large investment (during training) of time and money that the 
prospective scientist or engineer makes. However, this proposal 
has the potential of flooding the American S&E labor market at a 
time when record numbers of American scientists and engineers are 
either unemployed or underemployed. A recent IEEE analysis shows 
a 1992 corrected engineering unemployment level in excess of 
100,000 professionals. 1993 is likely to be worse.
The Immigration Act of 1990 (IMMACT) boosted the S&E annual 
immigration ceiling from 55,000 to 140,000. To put that number in 
perspective, the DoL projected in the February 1992 Monthly Labor 
Review that the average increase in total Science, Engineering 
and Technician employment for the 90s would be 130,400 per year. 
That implies that the ENTIRE demand for S&E could be met with 
immigrants, if they reached the 140,000/year level. The 1986 NSF 
report by Peter House, Ph.D. on a projected "shortfall" of S&E 
that provided the rationale for the IMMACT has been thoroughly 
discredited by labor researchers.
Additional references, available in your library are: "Black Hole 
Opens in Scientist Job Rolls" The Wall Street Journal, April 14, 
1993, p. B-1,"Chemical Job Surplus Alleged - Finding Riles 
Scientists and Congress", Chemical &Engineering News, April 26, 
1993, p. 6, and "Labor Dept. List Sparks Tech Job Fears" and "Fed 
Plan to Ease Aliens' Hiring Slammed" Electronic Engineering Times 
April 26, 1993, p. 1 and May 10, 1993 pp. 68-70 and "Open: Jobs 
for Specialists, Wanted: Foreign Workers" The Washington Post, 
May 7, 1993, page A-21. See also "Scientific Ph.D. Problems" by 
David Goodstein in The American Scholar Spring, 1993, pp. 215-220. 

Please contact me via a special electronic mail address:
   dol-signature at       or call, write or FAX me
to attach your name to a petition to DoL to terminate 
implementation of this plan which will harm S&E professionals. We 
must have this information in Washington DC by Tuesday, June 1, 1993.
Please get in touch with me if you have any questions. 
Thanks for your support.

Gene Nelson, Biophysics Company (Pen Based Computing and
Science Advocacy), 7374 Brookside Parkway, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
44130 - 5468   Phone [Voice/Data/FAX] (216) 891 - 8809
Internet Address (same as above!): Reply-To: au195 at


You may add your signature to the letter (act promptly!) by sending
a short note to

	dol-signature at

Please remember to include your full name; you may also include
suggestions for changes in the text.  Also be aware that slight
changes may exist in the final version to the one that you see here
(since others have made suggestions, too).

I will send contact information for YSN in a separate mailing.


     John Sahr,      YSN mailing list admin,     206 685 4816
     ysn-adm at  jdsahr at

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