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Una Smith smith-una at yale.edu
Fri May 21 14:11:49 EST 1993

weed-matthew at cs.yale.edu (Matthew Weed) writes:

: >Huh??? I am confused, since the business-related material 
: >does not seem to relate directly to the (directly)
: >above  statement.  I see a broad difference between business-related 
: >satelliteinformation transfer, and the growing use of the internet
: >as a source of business advertising etc, which has been referred
: >to elsewhere.  Can you please restate....
Don't confuse the Internet with Usenet.  There has been an increase in
the use of Usenet for commercial advertising (specifically the biz.*
domain), but the issue of who is to design, build and use the Internet,
and for what purposes, is separate (though not unrelated).  This is the
very point that got major press coverage during Clinton and Gore's
economic summit, where Al Gore faced down statements from the telephone
industry on exactly this issue.

Michael Holloway (mhollowa at ic.sunysb.edu) wrote:

: As I've understood it, the proposal has been made that the government help 
: fund the construction of a new high speed fiber optic network that companies 
: like AT&T could then use to provide services.  Perhaps AT&T could use 
: satellites to augment a network but it seems that the satellites would not
: suffice.  The fear then is that this would necessarily mean that the 
: government would discontinue funding of the existing Internet networks and 
: the cost of doing what we're doing now will sky-rocket.  Do I have this right?

Yes, as far as I can tell.  The telephone companies already have a deep
involvement, in that their right-of-ways, their hardware, and their 
expertise have all been used to construct the physical networking infra-
structure that supports the Internet.  The Internet is made up of layer
upon layer of hardware and software technology, and so who decides what
new technologies are going to be used in the future is of vital economic
and perhaps social importance.  I think it's apparent that there will be
one super-network, and everyone will have a hand in it:  whose hand will
be on top?


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