NY Times & the Internet

Howard Kaplan hkaplan at UDCVAX.BITNET
Sat May 22 10:55:50 EST 1993

There seems to be some confusion here about the role of Universities.  Some
people feel that the Universities should be treated  as business concerns, i.e.
"pay their way".  For Universities to pay their way they would have to become
real-estate corporations (Columbia & Geo. Wash. U's come to mind) or biotech
firms (ala MIT), but, then, they are no longer Universities.  In planning for
my future, I would study at a University, not buy stock in it.  But this is
another can of worms.  As regards Internet, anything that allows for the con-
tinued growth of the system along with the education and research community
plugged into it is good.  Anything that hampers that by limiting access in any
fashion, is bad.
                                Howard Kaplan

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