Searching Through Bio-Gopher space

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Wed May 26 09:00:11 EST 1993

In article <1993May25.191513.26344 at> danj at (Dan Jacobson) writes:
>Subject: Searching Through Bio-Gopher space
>From: danj at (Dan Jacobson)
>Date: 25 May 93 19:15:13 GMT
>You can now search through the titles of items in Bio-Gopher space and
>access the items returned.  This Bio-veronica style database is called:
>                  BOING - Bio Oriented INternet Gophers
>To use this search point your gopher client at
>and select the following:                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

For those of us who have Gopher clients that do not list other clients by 
their internet addresses, is there another name for this one? Location would 
help too, since ours lists them by state. Thanks for the help.

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