Shortage of biologists?! Need YSN contact for protest.

Ola Myklebost olam at
Thu May 27 08:02:15 EST 1993

I can understand students worry about jobs, but as has been pointed out
already, science is international. In most countries it may be hard to get
a work permit to do science as a visiting scientist (postdoc), and part of
the argument to get one often is that the person in question has specific
qualifications which makes her/him preferable. Considering the
protectionist policies of the US in other areas of international exchange,
I would be very cautious to give US bureaucracy or politicians the
impression that visiting scientists increase US unemployment.....

In Europe, going abroad for a postdoc is regarded as an important part of a
science career and for the developement of science itself. Please do
nothing to prevent this from continuing. Why don't jobless US PhDs apply
for a postdoc in Europe?

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