Cattle Question

James Gibbs gibbs at
Thu May 27 11:33:44 EST 1993

MARKEY at HOLMES.IMSA.EDU ("Mia K. Markey") writes:

>    Hello, I am seking some information for my parents.  They live
>on a farm, and recently one of their calves died of what their
>veterinarian called "screw worms".  If anyone knows what this really
>is and what causes it, I would appreciate finding out.

While I'm not an expert on it, I read in the journal Science about a year
ago about an outbreak of screw flies in the midwest. The article described
how the flies lay their eggs inside the flesh of cattle and other
livestock (and in some cases humans). When the larvae hatch, they eat the
flesh of the animal. I think the article mentioned that the flies are more
common in Africa, but I really don't remember.

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