RFD: sci.bio.ecology.esa (2nd Attempt)

dr at ducvax.auburn.edu dr at ducvax.auburn.edu
Fri May 28 17:49:38 EST 1993

(Apologies if this has been seen before; I issued a
cancelation message earlier today because of an error
in setting the followup groups. - dr)

I posted the following recently to news.groups -- 
it seems appropriate to repost here in bionet.general:

In article <1rpi2nINNg0a at rodan.UU.NET>, Una Smith <smith-una at yale.edu> writes:
> 	Create sci.bio.ecology.esa
> 	Move existing LISTSERV<=>newsgroup gateway from
> 	bit.listserv.ecolog-l to sci.bio.ecology.esa
> 	Remove bit.listserv.ecolog-l
> 	sci.bio.ecology.esa	Ecological Society of America mailing list
> 	Not moderated.
> 	Owner= David_W_INOUYE at umail.umd.edu (David Inouye)
> 	     This  list is a forum for members of the Ecological  Society
> 	of   America   and  other  interested  ecologists   to   exchange
> 	information  about job opportunities, funding opportunities,  and
> 	Society activities.  It will also serve as a forum for discussion
> 	of  current (or historical) topics in ecology, about papers  from
> 	the  Society's  journals  Ecology,  Ecological  Monographs,   and
> 	Ecological Applications, and as a resource for people looking for
> 	information about research projects.
> 	The gated LISTSERV mailing list, ECOLOG-L at UMDD.umd.edu, has
> 	approximately 900 subscribers.  This proposal has already been
> 	discussed favorably in the mailing list;  most ECOLOG-L
> 	subscribers do not have access to Usenet news, so can not
> 	participate in the formal discussion in news.groups.  The move
> 	to sci.bio.ecology.esa is intended to make the group more
> 	accessible to the Usenet community. 

This may seem more of a procedural question than a comment on the
RFD per se, but the announcement list appears to be limited to:

    news.announce.newgroups, news.groups,

Why does the announcement list include TALK.environment but not 
SCI.environment?  There are several other usenet groups which also
would be likely to have a strong interest in the renamed group.

A more glaring omission is BIONET.general - this would seem to be a 
natural resource for knowledgeable commentary: Bionet subscribers are
primarily professionals in the field of biology, and generally have 
some experience in the usenet community.  Surely their comments should
be solicited regarding the advantages vs. disadvantages of renaming.
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ps. The above constitutes my origional post:  Una Smith's 
    followup is in bit.listserv.ecolog-l and news.groups, 
    as will be my response.  I have set followups to include 
    bionet.general, bit.listserv.ecolog-l, and news.groups
    to encourage the reception of knowledgable commentary.

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