EENC 94, 1st circular

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                  **************   EENC 94   **************

                  12th European Experimental NMR Conference
                              Oulu, Finland
                              5-10 June 1994 

The EENC 94 is the 12th conference in what is now biennial event. Previous
meetings have taken place in Canterbury, Enschede, Elsinore, Grenoble,
Koningstein, Super Nendaz, Altavilla Milicia, Spa, Bad Aussee, Veldhoven
and Lisbon.
The EENC 94 will be organized by the NMR Laboratory of the Departments of
Physics and Chemistry at the University of Oulu.
The full 1st circular will be sent by request.
The 2nd circular and final registration form will automatically be sent in
January 1994 to those who have returned the preregistration form below
before November 30, 1993.

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME includes the following topics:
- New experimental NMR techniques
- Multidimensional NMR techniques
- Relaxation and molecular dynamics
- NMR application to organic and inorganic chemistry
- NMR in liquid crystals and polymers
- NMR in solids
- NMR in biological systems
- In-vivo NMR spectroscopy
- NMR microscopy and imaging in material sciences 
- Data analysis
The abstracts of the lectures and the posters will be available in a
Conference Proceedings book at the beginning of the conference. No formal
proceedings will be published.

Jukka Jokisaari, Chairman, Professor, Department of Physics
Jaakko Eloranta, Laboratory Manager, Department of Chemistry
Juhani Lounila, Docent, Department of Physics
Petri Ingman, Laboratory Manager, NMR Laboratory
Erkki Rahkamaa, Professor, Department of Chemistry


 Prof. Jukka Jokisaari, University of Oulu, Department of Physics
 FIN-90570 Oulu, FINLAND
 tel: +358-81-553 1308, fax: +358-81-553 1287, E-mail: FYS-JJ at Finou.Oulu.Fi
 Lab. manager Petri Ingman, University of Oulu, Department of Chemistry
 FIN-90570 Oulu, FINLAND
 tel: +358-81-553 1622, fax: +358-81-553 1603, E-mail: Pingman at Phoenix.Oulu.Fi 

 Dr. Jaakko Eloranta, University of Oulu, Department of Chemistry
 FIN-90570 Oulu, FINLAND
 tel +358-81-553 1650, Fax: +358-81-553 1657, E-mail: Eloranta at Phoenix.Oulu.Fi

Preregistration                                 November 30 1993
Final registration                              February 28 1993
Abstracts                                       February 28 1993
Application for financial support               March 15 1993
Conference fee                                  March 31 1993

All the prices are given in Finnish marks (FIM). The organizers have to
reserve the right to change the registration fees or the hotel prices as a
new law introducing VAT may come in force before the meeting. The final
prices will be given in the 2nd circular.
                        before March 31,1994        after March 31, 1994
Delegate                        1200 FIM                        1500 FIM
Accompanying person              500 FIM                         650 FIM
Students                         700 FIM                         850 FIM

Students on an undergraduate or graduate programme at the time of
registration are eligible for the student rate. 

Registration fee includes:
-admission to all scientific sessions and exhibition 
-a copy of the proceedings and other material distributed with the conference 
-bus services to the campus in the morning and back to the hotel in the evening
-lunches and coffees during the conference (Mon-Fri)
-admission to the city reception
-get-together party 
-Finnish Evening (see Social Activities)

The registration fee of the accompanying persons includes the get-together
party, City reception, Finnish evening and conference bag (without
scientific material).

Oulu Tourist Services Ltd., Nahkatehtaankatu 6, FIN-90100 Oulu, FINLAND 
 tel: +358-81-3110 058 or 377 911, fax: +358-81-377 837
Please return the completed form below by November 30, 1993.


Title: ______  Family Name: _____________________ First Name: _______________




 Phone: _______________ FAX: _______________  E-mail: _______________________

[  ]  I intend to submit a contribution to the conference (oral or poster)
[  ]  I will be accompanying by ____ persons
[  ]  I am eligible for the student fee at the time of the conference

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