Are introns just junk?

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Mon Nov 1 10:22:12 EST 1993

In article <1993Oct31.210157.17662 at> , arlin at writes:
[stuff about some crap in textbooks]

I wrote:
>>      Also, (donning my jeweled turbin) I predict many of these
>> evolutionary conclusions about introns will be changed in the coming
>> years.

Arlin, again:
>Gosh, John, is this prediction based on some top-secret discovery by Team
>Palmer, or did it come to you in a vision?  Please fill us in!

You make my (tongue in turbin, er... cheek) point exactly!! The textbooks
are wrong.  (It really does not take a vision or anything top-secret to
know that ;-} ) This ia particularly regarding the exon/domain thing, but
also their general heavy leaning toward Introns-Early, both which have
very little empirical support.  

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