Threaded newsreader in Xmosaic.

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at
Wed Nov 3 06:56:45 EST 1993

I have been interested in using Xmosaic for reading news. Have a look
at the following implimentation.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% CLIP %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
The Computer Science Club of the University of Waterloo is pleased to
announce the location of its new home page:


Among the features:
                             THREADED NEWSREADING!!!

Yes, no longer do you have to see just a list of subjects!  Each newsgroup
has a "thread page" with trn-style thread trees.  As well, the Usenet browser
lets you traverse the entire Usenet hierarchy, just to see what's out there.

ADDED BONUS:  The "junk" newsgroup (where all the news that we don't get
    goes) is converted into a hierarchy, for convenient reading of
    non-newsgroups.  (It _is_ a little slow, though).

BUT NOTE: Though the news threader will serve you the thread pages, no matter
    where you're coming from, they will reflect the articles available at UW.  
    It will _not_ serve you news if you are not from UW (because it just
    returns news:articleid URLs, and your client won't be able to connect to
    the UW newsserver.  You can, however, hope the newsgroups are similar
    enough (yeah, right) that the thread pages are useful, or you can email
    me to get the source for the threader so you can run it yourself.

HOW TO: To see the thread pages, you can:
    1. Connect to the CSC Home Page (URL above), and choose the appropriate
        options from there.
    2. Use the URL to get to the
        Usenet hierarchy browser.
    3. Use the URL to
        get the thread page for the group

ADDENDUM: This newsreader has been tested with Lynx and XMosaic, and seems to
    work fine on both. (Not tested on XMosaic 2.x; I wish I had it...)

Please send any questions, comments, or radical doubts to the address below:

---------.. ._ _.------------

Ian Goldberg  University of Waterloo PM+CS
President, Computer Science Club
iagoldberg at

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