German "social status" still offensive

Jack Kramer kramer at
Tue Nov 2 22:28:06 EST 1993

In <2b6h18$p8l at> Diane Hope Peapus <peapud at> wrote:
>	Unfortunately, your explanation is no less offensive than some of
>the presumptions.  People's salaries should be determined based on what
>they do while they are in work.  What they do in their spare time is their
>own business and has no place in the salary calculation.  Who's the German


>	I would appeal to the moderator of these news groups to deny job
>posting privileges to the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), and other 
>employers who determine salary based on social status.
>			Sincerely,
>			Diane H Peapus

As another american citizen I suggest you then give up all your social
benefits related to you rjob including all the tax deductions, insurance,
leave, etc. based on your personal status, and including free use of
the networks you used to post this ludicrous outburst.

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