Introns...Group III?

birney at birney at
Wed Nov 3 08:00:36 EST 1993

	After all the talk about group I+II introns in assorted species,
I have a vague recollection of "group III" introns: Can anybody help
me here in
	a) what they are
	b) where you find them
	c) where would they fit, phylogenetically, compared to group I,
group II and spliceosomal introns. And I suppose trypanosome trans-

	My hazy memory of these things is that they are found inside
group II introns, self splice themselves out of them to allow the group II
introns to splice. This is in chloroplasts. Is this right (or at least on
the right track)?

Any references would be much appreciated.

thanks alot.

ewan birney
birney at

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