German social status etc.

Wed Nov 3 12:46:00 EST 1993

On 2 Nov 1993, Diane Hope Peapus wrote:
^  Who's the German
> BAT system to determine that it is more valid for a person to spend
> 20K/year to keep a child than to spend 20K/year to build and keep a sail
> boat?  Thus rewarding the child barer with additional salary and punishing
> the sail boat builder with less?  The choice of the word "social status" is 
> very appropriate based on your explanation of it's meaning, and the 
> objection to the meaning stands even stronger than the objection to the 
> choice of words.  It's easy to forgive people for choosing an inappropriate
> word in a translation.  But the objection here is conceptual and not 
> translational.
> 	It seems as though 4th Reich has become more subtle in their
> imposition of behavior modification on the masses than it's predecessors
> have been.  So subtle that Weiyun Chen feels obligated to defend it. 
> 	I would appeal to the moderator of these news groups to deny job
> posting privileges to the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), and other 
> employers who determine salary based on social status.
> 			Sincerely,
> 			Diane H Peapus

:As long as children are human beings and boats are only boats, I think that
:an altruistic attitude like bearing a child must be rewarded and sail a boat
:must not. German BAT is right in my opinion and I think that all people that
:have children think like me.

Whoa!  Granted, the problems of childcare in postmodern societies are
profound, need to be addressed better than they're being addressed in,
eg, the USA, etc..  But who ever said that having a child was altruistic?
It seems to me that the decision to have a child is ultimately just 
as non-rational and just as selfish as the decision not to.  If you want
to talk about altruism, let's talk about those of us who choose not breed,
yet continue to actively support local child-care centers and school systems.
If I seem a little touchy, it may be because in recent years my peer group
(mid30's--shudder: nascent middle age) seems to have adopted the attitude 
that not having children is an aberration, and I'm a little tired of it...

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