German "social status" still offensive

Jim Wellehan James.F.X.Wellehan at
Wed Nov 3 14:04:22 EST 1993

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fjhblazq at FOX.CCE.USP.BR (Francisco Javier H Blazquez) writes:

> As long as children are human beings and boats are only boats, I think that
> an altruistic attitude like bearing a child must be rewarded and sail a boat
> must not. German BAT is right in my opinion and I think that all people that
> have children think like me.

I'm not saying it's wrong or right, but having children is definitely
not an altruistic decision.  Deciding that one's genes are meritorious
of being carried on on a planet that is approaching the maximum human
population that it can support is somewhat of a selfish decision.  Of
course, it's also one that is evolutionarily rewarded. ;-)

Personally, I don't think that governments should give tax breaks for
having children.  If you decide to have children, you should bear the
full financial burden.


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