pCANTAB5 vector

rumbley catherine a crumbley at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu
Wed Nov 3 14:12:32 EST 1993

 I am curious if anyone has used Pharmacia's pCANTAB5 for phagemid
 expression of scFv. I am thinking of ordering the kit and want to
 know how it works and if there are a lot of problems. It appears from
 the way the vector is designed that you incorporate 4 aa in the
 5' end of your scFv. It looks like, Ala, Ala, Gln, and either
 arg, Pro, Leu, Gln,or His. Is this really how it works and does this
 present a problem when studying the protein? Also, can you recover
 soluble scFv protein to study from this kit or put the vector in
 a non-suppressor strain and insert an amber codon and produce soluble
 protein that way? Any feedback or experience with this system would
 be appreciated.
 Cathy Rumbley
 crumbley at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu

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