German "social status" still offensive

BIOSCI Administrator biosci at NET.BIO.NET
Wed Nov 3 19:04:58 EST 1993

Diane et al.,

I am traveling this week and haven't had a chance to respond promptly
to this flap as a result.

Outside of stating your disapproval, which I am sure many people might
share, it is unclear whether or not grounds exist for further action.
BIOSCI is an international forum and not all users share the same
beliefs.  I believe that you have the right to state your concerns
about the policies expressed, but my "jurisdiction" to ban access to
the network is limited to going after Internet users who do not follow
network regulations and even in this case I can only *suggest* to
their institutions that they revoke network access privileges for an
offender, not *demand* it.

The EMPLOYMENT newsgroup, however, is for the posting of job ads, not
for discussion.  If you want to continue this thread, please do so
only in BIOFORUM/bionet.general and even in that case it should be
restricted to biological issues.  There are many non-bionet USENET
newsgroups which can be used to help change the world.  BIOSCI/bionet,
however, is for research discussions.  If you want to post an
objection, that's fine if it is done once, but please (and this is
directed to everyone), let's get back to science in these forums and
save the sociology for forums dedicated to those topics.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				kristoff at

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