German "social status" still offensive

John Woods eanv20 at
Fri Nov 5 05:08:41 EST 1993

hurd at (Peter L. Hurd) writes:

>I fear you may be right.  Having children is _not_ an altruistic act.
>While I hate to drag evolutionary theory into this, anything which is
>altruistic entails some cost to reproductive success.  Having kids is
>the antithisis of altruism.

Let's not confuse social and evolutionary altruism.  Your definition
is the one that all biologists (including me) would agree on, but the
OED definition is ``regard for others as a principle of action;
unselfishness'' which is even wider than the behavioural
psychologists' ``helps you, harms me'' (i.e. Desmond Morris).

Nature has nothing to tell us about morality --- read SJ Gould's essay
`Nonmoral Nature' if you need convincing about this.

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