Plant bugs ??????????????

Mon Nov 8 10:10:48 EST 1993

 schjud04 at  wrote:

> I have little 'gnat'-like creatures in the soil of a number of my pot plants.
> Could they be attracted by the inorganic fertilizer being used ?
> Does anybody have a solution to this problem ?
> I've tried watering the plant to get them to come out, and then sprayed
> a really small amount of bug spray  - but this hasn't solved the problem.
> The bug spray does warn against use near plants -- so this is not really
> a viable solution - just a desperate attempt to get rid of the little buggers.
> I have also tried using the mosquito pads that get inserted into an electric
> device which then warms the pad and emits a pesticide. This had proved to be
> successful for the ones that are airbore -- the ones just below the surface
> remain (unaffected)

    You probably have fungus gnats.  We try to keep them under
control in the growthroom by placing a 1-2 cm layer of coarse
vermiculite on top of the soil.  The insects lay their eggs in the
soil but they don't seem to like the vermiculte.
    Good luck,

Kirstin Bett
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Crop Science Department
University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario
N1G 2W1, Canada

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