Intron loss?

S. Rounsley rounsley at
Wed Nov 10 19:02:37 EST 1993

Hi fellow bionetters,
	I have a followup question on the recent discussion of
introns.  We are studying a gene family that all have a similar
intron-exon organization, so our assumption is that the
organization with regards to intron position predates the
divergance of the individual genes of this family.  Now if we
find a gene that is missing one of these introns, it would seem
to me that this indicates a loss of an intron, rather than a
gain of the intron by all the other members of this family.  Are there
any good examples of this in related gene families, and if so, what
is the consensus of the mechanism by which this could happen?
Could the introns precisely excise , as with transposable
elements?  What about possible mechanisms involving integrations
of spliced RNA molecules into the genome..
	I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this,
and in finding any references to this sort of occurence. 

	Steve Rounsley


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