German "social status" still offensive

Don Chen chend at
Sun Nov 14 13:28:38 EST 1993

Can we stop with the various ad hominem attacks?  It seems a bit
disturbing that Weiyun Chen should be attacked for a policy of the
German government that she merely points out for prospective job
applicants.  Diane Peapus ought to be more charitable until she
is able to find out more of the facts.  Regardles of the "correctness"
of the German policy, her calls for the exclusion of "4th Reich"
bionetters is more reminiscent of Joe MacCarthy or Jesse Helms than
of rationale debate.

I would rather that we get angry at the idiots who send pyramid
schemes on the net or the countries which talk about genocide
rather than acting against it.  As various other netters have
already stated, the US also provides special status to married
couples: tax breaks for joint returns, for children. There
are also special provisions for others in our society: for the blind,
for the aged, for property owners, for the owners of yachts, for
oil companies, for....well, you get the idea. I hope that Ms
Peapus is as committed to change in the US as in Germany.

Don Chen

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