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Littlejohn Tim little at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Mon Nov 15 20:00:48 EST 1993


>I am looking for a FAQ or info file containing relevant (i.e. biological
>oriented) info on which e-mail servers offers which data analyses.

>I am NOT looking for FAQs containing info on mailing lists or FTP archives
>- I have some of those already. Rather I'd like a list of services like
>the homology search and sequence retrieval servers situated at NIH (blast
>and retrieve [send mail containing the word help to blast at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
>or retrieve at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov in case you want to know how to get in touch
>with these servers].

>If you could give me the info-files or a pointer to them, I would be
>most grateful!

The document you want is called:


This excellent collection of email servers was put together by
Amos Bairoch and it can be found at various sites around the
Internet.  Try the MegaGopher (I know it is there!) by pointing
your gopher client at:


and select:

 -->  5.  Computational Molecular Biology- programs, documents, help/
  -->  3.  Help documents for various Internet resources for Biology/
   -->  27. List of molecular biology email servers.

Or use the Jughead utility on megagopher:

 -->  2.  Search all MegaGopher menus using jughead <?>

and search for "email" :

 +-----------------Search all MegaGopher menus using jughead------------------+
 |                                                                            |
 | Words to search for  email                                                 |
 |                                                                            |
 |                                       [Cancel ^G] [Accept - Enter]         |
 |                                                                            |

then select:

   -->  4.  List of molecular biology email servers.

(Same document, just faster!)



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